A Home For Hooves Farm Sanctuary. PEACE is run by a group of dedicated and compassionate individuals who our organisation can trust and rely on. We have worked closely with PEACE in the past year and we are incredibly thankful for all their help and support.  They have taken a significant amount of pressure and stress off Sanctuary's when it comes to trying to find animals homes and arranging transport.  They are a key player when it comes to Sanctuary's working together and supporting each other which is very important.  They have also sourced out funding and grants that are available for non-profits and charity's.  This resulted in us receiving a $1200 grant from A Seed of Change to cover the cost of the lawyer fees for our charity application.  They are honestly one of the best things to come along in regards to Sanctuary support and they are a much needed and appreciated organisation.
Arion Therapeutic Farm Sanctuary. PEACE offers an invaluable support system for sanctuaries! I have personally witnessed numerous animals in transit to their forever homes. Their dedication is very admirable! Always with the animals best interest at heart.
I became aware of PEACE shortly after we started Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary in July 2019. At that time, I reached out to PEACE and I was immediately impressed by the organization’s mission and their level of passion and professionalism and their ability to function with a clarity of heart and purpose. Over the last year, PEACE has facilitated the rescue and transport of a dairy calf and recently his mother, as well as two hens to us. They have also generously helped to promote public awareness of our sanctuary, they have invited us to participate in some of their fund raising endeavors, and have also shared invaluable educational resources with us. I look forward to many years of continuing to collaborate with PEACE to help rescue more animals and strengthen the community of farm animal sanctuaries. 
Dr. Jaye Dueck, Founder, Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary
FARRM Sanctuary. It has been my absolute pleasure to be involved in the work PEACE has and continues to do. Sanctuary life can be an isolating experience and reaching out isn't always easy. We become islands and continue to be overwhelmed with daily requests from the public to intake animals. It becomes our burden to bear when we are unable to assist because of limitations in our current circumstances. Since being involved with PEACE our ability to assist animals in need feels limitless. Having a resource like PEACE means having a constant connection with other reputable sanctuaries across the provinces. The networking that is accomplished in a short period of time in order to place, transport, and provide care for animals is truly impressive. PEACE has given me a renewed hope that it is possible to work together, share in our frustrations and accomplishments together, and keep asking for a better world together. I look forward to the future of what PEACE means for sanctuaries.
Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary. It has been our pleasure and honour to work with PEACE since its inception. PEACE saw a gap in the sanctuary model and stepped in to fill it, relieving much of the pressure sanctuary operators like ourselves face with regard to placing and moving farmed animals. Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary is proud to say we have worked with PEACE to home several animals in need, as well as assist with transport. We are so grateful for this organization run by the most compassionate, pragmatic and intelligent Earthlings, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. PEACE reminds us daily that we really are #StrongerTogether.
RASTA Sanctuary. People Ensuring Animal Care Exists (P.E.A.C.E.) is an amazing volunteer run charity helping animals in need of sanctuary find homes, as well as providing incredible support to sanctuaries through workshops, grant resources, support with getting non-profit or charity status, and much more. They’ve become an amazing bridge between the help that animals need, and the places they can get it.  We have been involved with them since they started, and the work they do is having a huge impact on so many individual animals and the various sanctuaries throughout British Columbia. As they’ve grown and expanded it has been wonderful to have such dedicated individuals working on behalf of rescue and advocacy filling a gap providing much needed support.  Have a look at their website to find out more about what they do and what’s coming up: peacecanada.org