Migrant Workers Info

Mosaic – Migrant Workers Program

Are you working or studying in Canada, or waiting for residency? We offer support for your unique questions and needs.

MOSAIC’s IM.POWER.ED program provides free settlement services, legal information, and English language activities specifically designed for individuals in Canada on a temporary work permit, study permit, refugee claimants or those awaiting permanent residency. Migrant workers in Canada face many of the same challenges as new immigrants to Canada (struggles in understanding workplace culture, overcoming language barriers, difficulty finding the right jobs, having legal questions), but they do not have the same support resources and access to services.

Migrant Workers Centre

We work to promote and advance access to justice for migrant workers by providing legal services, advocacy, research, public education and engaging in law and policy reform initiatives. We envision a society in which all workers are entitled to secure immigration status and access to fair, safe employment. We strive to advance the rights of migrant workers to equally participate in Canadian society and the Canadian economy. This includes the right to be free of exploitative practices arising from precarious status and inadequate labour laws and enforcement. We seek to support the equitable treatment of workers through fair immigration policy and improved labour standards, wages, and working conditions.

Migrant Workers Alliance For Change

The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC) is Canada’s largest coalition of self-organized groups of migrant workers, with the support of grassroots organizations, unions, faith groups, activists and researchers that have come together to fight for justice and dignity for migrant workers. MWAC supports migrant workers and migrant worker led organizations; developing innovative policy solutions; training service providers and coordinating federal and provincial campaigns.

Agriculture Workers Alliance

UFCW Canada has led the way to bring justice, safety, seniority, and good wages to workers in the agriculture sector. UFCW Canada union contracts at greenhouses, and field and packing operations provide both domestic and migrant agriculture workers with the best wages and workplace protections in the industry. All agriculture workers are welcome to join including workers in the greenhouse, mushroom, cannabis, poultry and field crop sectors.

Canadian Council For Refugees

Right and dignity for all! Which means giving all migrant workers access to permanent resident status, not only those coming for high-wage jobs. Also effective protection of migrant workers’ rights via legislation and enforcement and empowering migrant workers to seek recourse for unjust treatment through access to information, access to services, and access to justice

No One Is Illegal

No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories has developed a set of specific demands to address Border Militarization, Migrant Worker Programs, Undocumented People & Status for All, Conditions for Immigrant Workers, National Security Apparatus & Anti-Terror Legislation, and more.