The Open Sanctuary Project

The Open Sanctuary Project is a freely accessible, always growing digital guide for any resources or information you need in order to responsibly create and successfully manage an animal sanctuary, or to provide the best possible care to farmed animals in order to help them live long, healthy, happy lives free of exploitation.

The Open Sanctuary Project also has online courses available with certifications through their Compassionate Care Classroom.

“Start Your Own Farm Animal Sanctuary” is a MUST READ!

Farm Animal Care Conference

One great way to learn the ins and outs is attending Farm Sanctuary in New York.

“Farm Sanctuary’s long history of rescuing and caring for animals has put our staff at the cutting edge of farm animal care. The techniques and methods developed by our staff are used at sanctuaries across the country. The Farm Animal Care Conference is geared toward anyone who is interested in starting their own farm animal sanctuary or rescuing and caring for farm animals as companions. If you want to learn more about what it takes to care for rescued farm animals, this is an experience that cannot be missed.”

Healthy Herd Consulting

Healthy Herd Consulting brings clarity, guidance, and peace of mind to farmed animal sanctuaries and individual caregivers so that they can provide the highest level of care for their residents and themselves.

Working at a farmed animal sanctuary and caring for these individuals is more than a job; it’s a vocational calling. It is a selfless commitment fraught with uncertainty, overwhelm, heartache, and joy that requires you to bring your whole self to work every day. Although many deem it a dream job, the reality is that farmed animal sanctuary operations are physically exhausting, emotionally fatiguing, logistically challenging, financially draining, grief-stricken, unpredictable, and endless. It’s also some of the most rewarding work there is.

Despite the fact that 72 billion land animals are killed each year for consumption, there is no exhaustive, formal training to give exceptional, lifelong care to these individuals in a sanctuary setting. There is also no roadmap for managing a team and supporting other folks in this extremely high-stress, demanding environment. Animal sanctuary workers are spread thin, while simultaneously feeling like they’re not doing enough. The turnover and burnout rates are astronomically high, and farmed animal sanctuaries close all too often. For the sanctuary residents, community, and ourselves, something must change.

Healthy Herd Consulting is on a mission to cultivate resiliency among farmed animal sanctuaries, shelter teams, and caregivers by providing individualized, easy-to-digest guidance and support so that they, in turn, can provide the highest level of care for their residents and themselves.

Global Federation Of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS)

Individuals have started their GFAS Certification even while they were still setting up their sanctuary or very new. It’s a great idea, especially if you want to make sure you are doing it correctly from day one!

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