Buckerfield’s in Duncan, BC where phone orders are always welcome! (250) 748-8171.

  • Step 4 Rocky Mountain Crunch (Product RASTA Sanctuary uses the most of). | 40lbs bag | Approx. $21.99 a bag.
  • Shavings. | Approx. $9.99-$12.99 a bag.
  • Horse quality hay, small square bales. | Approx. $16.99 a bale.
  • Straw, small square bales. | Approx. $14.99-$21.99 a bale.


  • Trail mix treats for enrichment (raisins, dates, banana chips, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, whole corn).

Option | You can make a donation to RASTA and include a message of what wish list item/s you want the donation to go towards.