Farm Animal Sanctuaries In Canada

These are sanctuaries that take farmed animals to give them a safe forever home, which is different from hobby farms and petting zoos.

Google Map Of Canadian Farm Animal Sanctuaries

For privacy and safety reasons, the locations shown on this map are not exact. Please contact sanctuaries directly for visitor information.


This is to indicate farm sanctuaries who’s founder/s and operator/s identify as vegan. This does not mean that the sanctuary does not do or participate in horseback riding and/or selling of eggs or other animal products. Please note more information and clarification for transparency purposes will be looked at in the future. This classification is mainly to identify vegan operated vs. not.


People easily get confused between an organization that’s a non-profit vs. charity. For clarification, anyone can claim they are a non-profit (not-for-profit), but till they register (incorporate) there is no accountability | Learn More. Becoming a charity, the first step is to get registered (incorporated) as a non-profit. Only a registered charity can issue tax receipts | Learn More.