Wheelchairs And Prosthetics And Mobility Aids, Oh My!

K9 Carts

K9 Carts is a USA based pet mobility company. They creates custom wheelchairs for cats, dogs and chickens as well as hand held slings.

Chicken Therapy Chairs

Chicken Therapy Chairs are made in Australia and designed to assist with the recovery and rehabilitation of chickens experiencing injury, disability and post surgical procedures.

Amazon Canada

Dog wheelchairs are available on Amazon Canada. They can be used for smaller farm animals.

Bionic Pets – Prosthetics And Braces

USA based Bionic Pets is passionate about developing medical products that help animals lead better lives. Since the founding of the company, Bionic Pets has helped over 25,000 animals, and they are just getting started. It is their mission to revolutionize rehabilitation and pain management in the animal world.