This is a resource for Canadian farm sanctuaries, for possible free vegetables and fruits for their animals.

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Food Mesh

FoodMesh is a self-serve, online, B2B market that connects surplus food from verified Suppliers and Processors to business Consumers or Donees. Their aim is to help businesses make use of food that would otherwise go to waste, helping everyone save money, feed more, and waste less.

Even if they are not yet in your area, SIGN UP as a farm, and they will contact you when they are. They are expanding fast!

Food Stash Foundation

Food Stash Foundation is a non-profit food recovery business in Vancouver BC looking to reduce food waste and provide meals to those in need.

Grocery Stores

At grocery stores any vegetables and fruits that are bruised or deemed not sellable, will get thrown away. If there isn’t a local organization like FoodMesh or Food Stash in place, your best bet is to ask stores close to you directly.

Fuit & Vegetable Farms

Connecting with local fruit and vegetable farmers helps cut down on packaging and label removal work for you and your volunteers. It will save you a lot of time in the long run! A great way is to connect with farmers at local farmers markets. If they partner with you they can then promote their business is contributing to a zero-waste and eco-friendly model!

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