This is a resource for Canadian farm sanctuaries to help find free or discounted construction materials to build infrastructure at their sanctuaries. Please make sure to check out The Open Sanctuary Project’s resource on fencing as well as “Building a good home for…”

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Construction Sites

One tip given, is if yourself or a volunteer sees a construction site in your area, to stop and ask. If there’s any products left over when the project is done, they might be open to donating it to you if you pick up.

Lots of these left over materials end up on the garbage dump, and there are some organizations trying to minimize this waste, picking it up and re-selling it. So if there’s nothing already in place you might be able to get some lumber or other materials donated directly from the construction site.


Many know about Habitat for Humanity’s Restores, but make sure to do a search for others in your area. You can try and form a partnership, where for example you can get a discount or get donated products they don’t sell.


The Home Depot

Home Depot Canada has a monthly budget that goes towards donations. Whatever is their featured charity goals for the year through their The Home Depot Canada Foundation, will take president. If there is any funds available after that they will help other charities.

On your letterhead, addressed to management, deliver a letter to a Home Depot closest to you. On it outline who you are, include your charity number, what materials you need and why.

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