Land ownership is highly recommended.


If leasing you need a (long term) leasing agreement signed by the landowner, giving the farm sanctuary adequate notice when they plan to sell the property, so you can find a new home (if needed). Furthermore, that they agree that you can operate a sanctuary, rescue, or microsanctuary on their property.

Founder(s) Land Ownership

If the land on which the farm sanctuary operates is owned by the founder(s), a best practice recommendation for the safety of the farmed animals, is to have a long term leasing agreement between the farm sanctuary founder(s) and the farm sanctuary.

Some farm sanctuaries, after many years of becoming more established, were able to buy the land from the founder(s) at a later date. Some founder(s) or other landowner(s) have it as part of their retirement plan to leave the property to the farm sanctuary. This should not be left to a hand shake, but a legally signed agreement.

Again, this is all to make sure the farmed animals at the farm sanctuary is protected, because things like medical concerns, divorce, or other large life changes do happen.


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