PEACE Rescues

If you are looking to surrender a farmed animal for homing at a farm animal sanctuary, please fill out our P.E.A.C.E. Farmed Animal Homing & Surrender Information Form.

The following is a list of rescues PEACE has been involved with in one or more of the following ways:


Working with farm animal sanctuaries to find farmed animals homes.


Picking up animals and transporting them either by truck or trailer to farm animal sanctuaries.


PEACE pays for transport costs like gas, ferry fees, bedding, feed and formula. There are exceptions to this, for instance with regards to our policies surrounding sanctuary closures or private homing (with sanctuary approval). PEACE also helps pay for veterinary checkups as well as spay and neuters when needed.

PEACE’s Rescues List

Rescue’s pictures are linked to websites of the sanctuaries they were homed at.


2020-10 Update | 67+ Farmed Animals helped | $20,000+ CAD In Rescue Costs | Please consider helping us rescue animals by donating today.


PEACE’s Treasurer’s Report for 2019


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