What Is Sanctuary?




noun: sanctuary; plural noun: sanctuaries

1.1. a place of refuge or safety.

“his sons took sanctuary in the church”

My story of sanctuary is not pretty.  I did not follow my own advice when becoming a sanctuary.  The word never entered my head, let alone the ponderance of its meaning.

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Humane Chick Hatching In Classrooms

When considering if it is humane to use live animals in classrooms such as with hatching chicks, it is important to first look at what the word “humane” means. The Oxford dictionary definition of humane is “having or showing compassion or benevolence”.

In this article we will discuss the key arguments for there being no humane way to use animals for educational purposes, especially if there are alternatives. As the objective of this article is to address chick hatching, we will focus primarily on the elementary school-age setting as the most common demographic for this kind of program.

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