Vegan Sanctuary Spotlight | GLO Farm Sanctuary

Article By Kali Nelson

“I admire everyone who does what is right for the animals, even when that comes at a heavy personal cost.” 

Even as a child, Ali Valentine’s connection to animals was a big part of her life. She believed animals deserve better, and as a result, she was raised vegetarian. Later in life, she cut out eggs and dairy for health reasons and ended up feeling amazing. “That led to me researching why I felt so much better – it was then a friend suggested visiting a sanctuary, and the rest is history.”

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Vegan Sanctuary Spotlight | Promised Land Animal Sanctuary

Article By Kali Nelson

“Ever since I was a kid, all of my imaginary friends (and most of my loyal real-life companions) were animals. I was always dragging something home: a lost cat, a mangy dog, an injured bird or bunny.” 

Like many animal lovers, Kat Krylov always had a dream of running a sanctuary. While for most people that dream remains a fond idea in the back of the mind, for Kat, she made it a reality. 

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Vegan Sanctuary Spotlight | Kismet Creek Farm Sanctuary

Article By Taryn Szedlak

Kismet Creek Farm is proof you can turn a working farm into an animal sanctuary. Founded in May 2014 in Steinbach, Manitoba, Raelle moved from British Columbia to Manitoba to live on her then-fiancé, Karl’s, farm. It had been a working farm for over a century, and Karl’s dad still had free-range beef cattle on the land. Karl and Raelle attended a local livestock auction, where Karl’s dad worked, and seeing all the animals there completely broke their hearts. “We brought home a box of tiny Silkie chicks and that started it all,” says Raelle.

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