LET’S TALK: Farmed Animal Rights Activists, Sanctuary and Rescue Operators

Join us for a roundtable discussion between British Columbian farmed animal rights activists, farm sanctuary operators, farmed animal rescue operators, and a mix of them all. We will be discussing some key and often hard subjects that need to be addressed as a community who cares deeply about farmed animals and their protection.


  • Common misconceptions about farm sanctuaries and animal rescues.
  • Glorifying and hero complex with rescue and sanctuary.
  • Possible legal and safety concerns of farm sanctuaries and individuals already in their care, when placing illegally confiscated farmed animals.
  • Buying farmed animals vs. surrender.
  • How can the community help make sure farmed animals go to the best homes?
  • Non-sanctuary placement of rescued farmed animals: Quality of life; is “no kill” with use or an extra few years enough?
  • Most effective forms of activism. Are farm sanctuaries worth the money?


Sunday | November 28, 2021


11:00am PT



Amy Soranno

AMY SORANNO is an activist who has dedicated her life to fighting for animal liberation. She focuses on investigating animal agriculture, creating strategic campaigns, as well as engaging in mass civil disobedience events. Amy organized “Meat the Victims” which was a precedent-setting event that was the first of its kind in Canada. As a result of her work, she is facing charges and potentially decades in prison for unlawfully exposing the realities that farmed animals face. Amy also gives talks and workshops on how to challenge animal agriculture and the systems that exploit animals, humans, and the planet. 

ANDREW HILL is the former Director of Operations at a large Canadian sanctuary for traditionally farmed and domesticated animals, before that facility closed in 2021. Outside of his work with animal sanctuaries, he has been involved with various aspects of animal rescue and advocacy, and is involved with local community organizations in that regard. He has also spent considerable time as an investigator documenting animal neglect and cruelty within the animal agriculture system.

MICHELLE SINGLETON  established A Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary soon after starting to volunteer at a local sanctuary in September 2017. Volunteering there had a significant impact on her life and not only did it result in starting a Sanctuary but she also started following a vegan lifestyle after being a vegetarian for 6 years. Michelle is the proud mother of an amazing little human and is incredibly thankful for the ability to raise her around animals. She also works full time as the Team Leader of Operations Support for the Laboratories in Island Health and she is the Sanctuary Representative for P.E.A.C.E. (People Ensuring Animal Care Exists). Michelle is a strong advocate for animals and believes education is key when it comes to improving animal welfare, promoting health, and protecting the environment.

ZOE PELED is a Marketing and Community Engagement Professional, and PT, based in Vancouver, B.C. She received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University, with additional studies in Critical Theory, examining the positioning and terminology around animals. Her personal studies continue to examine animal/human relationships; which has led her to both speaking engagements and internationally published work (Antennae Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, UK.)

Zoe is the co-founder of Ban Fur Farms BC, is a Vancouver March To Close All Slaughterhouses co-organizer, facilitates events and community relations for numerous local vegan businesses, and founded the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre (VVRC) in Fall 2018. Zoe has been vegan for almost 12 years, and an animal rights activist for {almost} the same duration of time. 


SARIEN SLABBERT is the co-founder and executive director of People Ensuring Animal Care Exists (P.E.A.C.E.). She previously worked as a veterinary assistant, as well as has a background in event planning and customer service. In 2019 she was the co-organizer for Tri-Cities Animal Save and also volunteers for the Canadian Society For Humane Science and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. She’s been vegan the last 15 years and lives with her partner and children in British Columbia, Canada.